4Ride & Colonial Express Transportation Service

4Ride Service

4Ride provides GW community members with the option of a safe ride to and from locations on and around the Foggy Bottom Campus. The service operates every day from 8:00pm to 4:00am.

There are two ways that individuals can request a ride. The most efficient way is through the MyGW Portal. Just go to my.gwu.edu and select 4Ride from the “Quick Links.”  

The MyGW Portal allows you to schedule one ride at a time, up to two hours in advance of when you need it. In addition, when a van is assigned to your request, the online system will show you where the van is located in relation to your location on a map, and the system will send you a text message when a van is close.

The second way you can request a ride is by calling (202) 994-RIDE (7433).

4Ride is designed to be used as a safety shuttle for students who feel unsafe and need a ride immediately or for students who need to get to a location on campus at night, but would otherwise have to go there alone. Please keep this in mind when using the service.

If you require special accommodations for a wheelchair or other accessibility accommodations, please do not submit your request through the online form.  Please contact the 4Ride dispatcher at (202) 994-RIDE (7433) between 8pm and 4:00am so that we may ensure your needs are met effectively.

Colonial Express Shuttle Service

4Ride also operates the Colonial Express Shuttle Service every day from 8:00pm to 12am. These shuttles serve two purposes. First, they transport students from the center of campus to residence halls that are on the edge of campus (Thurston, and the Aston). Second, they reduce the load placed on the 4Ride system by stopping in areas that receive a high number of requests (Gelman, Marvin Center, Health and Wellness, and Thurston). Vans serving as shuttles are easily identifiable by the GW University logo and signs on the vehicles.

If you have any questions about either of these two services, please call 4Ride @ (202) 994-RIDE (7433) between 8pm and 4am.                     

GW Personal Alarm Locator

GW Pal

Download GW PAL, personal alarm locator, to your iOS or Android smartphone, and instantly send alerts or crime tips to GWPD from your device when you are on campus.