First Year and Second Year Student Parking Policy

Due to the limited number of parking spaces on the streets in and around the Foggy Bottom Campus and the availability of public transportation, the Zoning Commission voted to impose a condition in the 2007 Foggy Bottom Campus Plan that imposes certain restrictions on student parking. This condition is one of several imposed as part of a plan that permits the university to build a substantial amount of additional space on campus to meet its long term academic, student housing and other university needs.

Pursuant to this condition, the university discourages all students from bringing vehicles to the Foggy Bottom Campus. With respect to first year and second year students in particular, these students are prohibited from bringing vehicles and parking them in the Foggy Bottom/West End Area (the area bounded by 19th Street on the east, E Street on the south, Rock Creek Park on the west, and N Street on the north), other than in exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances may include, for example, transportation needs related to a disability or health condition of the student or member of his/her family. Requests by first year and second year students for a policy exception due to exceptional circumstances must be documented by the student and approved by the university. If such an exception is granted, the vehicle must be parked in a university parking facility. Students requiring a exception due to disability or health condition should visit Disability Support Services for further assistance. 

Each first year and second year student must confirm by signature that the student has read and understands this parking policy, regardless of whether the student drives to the university or is eligible to have a car on campus.


For more information, download GW's policy regarding on-campus student parking. Any violation of this policy shall be grounds for discipline under GW's Code of Student Conduct

First & Second Year Student Parking Exemption Forms