Faculty & Staff

Registering for Parking

All faculty and staff must sign-up for and cancel parking privileges at the Faculty-Staff Service Center. When signing up for parking employees must present valid vehicle registration and current GWorld identification to receive the parking permit decals. Arrangements for an employee's parking must be made by the faculty or staff member and cannot be made by another staff member or by a department. Parking decals cannot be sent through the mail.  If you lose your parking decal and need to replaced staff and faculty are required to pay $1.  

Canceling Parking

To stop payroll deductions for parking, complete a parking termination form and turn it in at the Faculty Staff Service Center. Faculty members who do not wish to have parking privileges during the summer months or while on sabbatical, must cancel parking.

Personnel in a Leave of Absence or Leave Without Pay status (LOA/LWOP). When an employee is placed in a LOA/LWOP status, regardless of the reason, it is the employee's responsibility to contact the Faculty Staff Service Center to the beginning of the leave period. The processing of personnel forms does not complete this process. If an employee fails to cancel parking, accrued payments will be applied upon return from LOA/LWOP for the period in which no payroll deductions were made. No exceptions will be made regarding collection of fees due upon return from leave. Employees who cancel their parking will be given first priority on the waiting list if a space is not available upon return.


Personnel who are retiring during the academic term and have payroll deductions for parking should notify the Faculty and Staff Service Center prior to retirement.