Parking Upgrade FAQ

GW is in the process of implementing a new modernized automated parking system university wide. During the transition assigned and occasional parkers who utilize a specific garage will receive advanced notification about the change. During the transition – parking will accept current validation tickets (e.g. QR codes or stamps). Additional staff will be at the garage to assist customers. Once the upgrade has been completed and the garage transitioned to the new system, the old stamp and QR code vouchers will no longer be accepted at that garage.

Rather than stamps or QR codes, Parking Services will issue validation tickets also known as “chaser tickets”. Chaser tickets will be issued to Departments upon request by completing the attached form.  Departments can then hand out chaser tickets to provide validated parking. Upon exiting the garage, customer will first scan their parking ticket and then scan their chaser ticket to receive the validation discount. Chaser tickets each have a unique ID number and can only be used once by a customer.

Once all GW garages are upgraded to the new system (Spring 2020), validations will be made via a new self-service web-based validation process, thereby eliminating the need for pre-ordering chaser tickets. All users will be trained on this system in advance of the implementation.

We believe this upgrade will provide enhanced reliability and an overall better experience for parkers once implemented.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this transition. Please call GW Parking Services at 202-994-6408 or email [email protected] for more information or see the attached FAQs and/or attached Parking Voucher Request Form.

Parking System Transition FAQ

What is happening and when?

GW is upgrading the garage access and payment systems. The garages are being outfitted with new entry and exit gates, along with ticket dispensers and payment systems. The garages are being upgraded to allow visitors to pay at machines located in elevator lobbies, as well as the exit lanes. In addition, a state-of-the-art communications system is being installed to provide parkers 24/7 customer assistance. We expect work in the garage to be complete by Spring 2020. Additional parking staff will be available in the garages during the installation.

What is different for GW Monthly permit holders and GWorld Debit users? 

GW monthly permit holders and GWorld debit users will simply tap their GWorld card on the card reader at the entrance and exit lane machines, very similar to the existing process. However, now the card readers will be located on the ticket machines.  Your parking garage assignment will not be affected by the upgrade. 

What is different for Visitor parkers? 

Parkers will continue to drive into the entrance lane and pull a ticket from the dispenser. Once the ticket is pulled, the gate will rise, and the parker may enter the facility. 
Upon exit, instead of inserting the parking ticket in the machine, the visitor parker will scan their ticket under the barcode reader. The gate will rise if the parker does not owe anything for parking or if they have previously paid at the pay-on-foot machine. Otherwise, the fee will be displayed and the parker must insert a credit card for payment, see photo below. 

Where and how do guests and visitors pay for their parking? 

Guests and visitors can pay by credit card only at pay-on-foot machines located in the elevator lobbies. Additionally, parkers will be able to pay by credit card only at pay-in-lane machines located in the exit lanes.   

How do I validate parking? 

Please bring your parking ticket with you to the GW department you are visiting. Ask for assistance and they will provide a validation follow up ticket (chaser) and, in some cases, they will validate using the online system. 

What if I have existing QR-code voucher(s) remaining from the previous system?  

Please ask the department you will be visiting to swap the QR-codes with the new validation follow up tickets. The QR-codes will no longer work at the G Street, SEH and Mount Vernon garages. 

What if I need assistance while in the facility? 

During the transition, there will be an attendant available to assist. All equipment has an assistance button that connects directly to the University Parking Services 24/7 Remote Management Center. 

What if I have additional questions? 

For general parking questions, please call Parking Services at (202)-994-7199. For email, use [email protected].