Student Parking Locations

Only third- year, fourth-year undergraduate students, and graduate students may apply for parking permits.

Occasional Permit Holders/ Commuter Students

Only third- year, fourth-year undergraduate students, and graduate students commuting to campus may apply for Occasional Daily Permit or an Occasional Evening Permit. Students with Occasional Permits are not permitted to park overnight. First-year and second-year students, requesting a parking permit, will have to complete a Parking Requirement Exemption Form. 

Overnight Permit Holders

Only third-year, fourth-year undergraduate students, and graduates students who reside on campus can apply for overnight parking permits   Those who obtain a overnight parking permits will be assigned a garage. This permit will only allow them to park in their assigned locations.


G Street
2028 G Street
Entrances will be located on 20th and 21st Streets between F and G Streets
Elliot School 
1957 E Street
Entrance on 19th Street near E Street
Amsterdam Hall
2350 H Street
Entrance on H Street between 23rd and 24th Streets
Shenkman Hall 
616 23rd Street
Entrance on Virginia Avenue
South Hall
2135  F Street
Entrance on F Street
The Dakota
2100 F Street
Entrance in alleyway off of 21st Street between The Dakota and neighboring hotel.
Health & Wellness Center
2301 G Street
Entrance on G Street
Academic Center
801 22nd Street
Entrance on Eye Street