Mount Vernon Shuttle / The Vern Express

The Vern Express provides transportation between the George Washington University's Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses.

On the Foggy Bottom Campus, students may pick-up the Vern Express in front of Funger Hall and Hall on Virginia Avenue.  Please note the Hall on Virginia Avenue stop is not available until after 10am on weekdays. On the Mount Vernon Campus, students may pick-up the Vern Express on the Quad in front of Somers Hall.

The Vern Express drops off passengers at the Red Cross building (2025 E Street) and Funger Hall on the Foggy Bottom Campus and at the rear of the Academic Building and Eckles Library on the Mount Vernon Campus.  

The one-way trip between the campuses on the Vern Express typically takes 10-13 minutes, although during heavy traffic conditions, especially on weekdays from 7am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm, during rush hour, the one-way trip may take longer. Passengers are encouraged to plan accordingly.