Foggy Bottom Campus

Visitors and guests of the Foggy Bottom Campus will be accommodated at the Academic Center Garage (located on I 'Eye' Street between 21st and 22nd Streets), Marvin Center (located on H Street between 21st and 22nd Streets), and G Street Garage (entrances located on 20th and 21st Streets in the alley way between F and G Streets). The G Street Garage is the university's first self-service visitors garage. It only accepts MasterCard and Visa for payment.  

Patients and visitors of the George Washington University Hospital and of the Ambulatory Care Center are welcome to park at the Ambulatory Care Center Garage (located on Eye Street between 21st and 22nd Streets). In the event that this garage is full patients are welcome at the other university visitor parking locations. 

  • 1 hour: $10
  • Up to 2 hours $16
  • Daily Maximum: $22
  • Weekend Daily Maximum: $12
  • Evening Maximum Rate (after 5 p.m. until midnight): $10
  • Overnight Rate (midnight till 2am): $10


Elliot School Garage (entrance located 19th Street near E Street)

  • Up to 1 hour: $10
  • Up to 2 hours: $17
  • Daily Maximum: $26


Mount Vernon Campus 

Those visiting the Mount Vernon Campus should park in the Mount Vernon Campus Garage. Visitors access the campus by taking a left onto Whitehaven Parkway and Foxhall Road. Upon entering the campus the garage will be located on your left hand side. 

  • Up to 1 hour: $6
  • Up to 2 hours: $8
  • Up to 3 hours: $10
  • Up to 4 hours: $13
  • Daily Maximum Rate: $18
  • Evening Maximum Rate (after 5 p.m. until midnight): $6
  • Overnight Rate (midnight till 2am): $6

Virginia Science and Technology Campus

Parking is free and unassigned at the VSTC campus in Ashburn. Visitors are welcome to park in lots adjacent to the academic and administrative buildings without a fee or permit. 

For ADA parking arrangements between 8am and 5pm, please contact Transportation & Parking Services at (202) 994-7275. After regular business hours, please see the attendant in the garage.


All parking fees include 18% District of Columbia Parking Tax.


Should you have any questions or concerns about our visitor parking locations or rates please e-mail our Parking Services Manager Gail Gwynn-Harris