Innovation Center Metro Shuttle

Bus Service Update

Due to the ongoing labor action by the employees of Loudoun County's Transit contractor, bus service decisions will be made each morning and each afternoon based on driver availability.

Please visit Loudoun County's Bus Service Impact page daily for information about changes and plan your commute accordingly.

The Innovation Center Metro Shuttle is operated in partnership with Loudoun County. Rides are $1. For information during inclement weather situations, riders should check Campus Advisories or download the GW Guardian app and sign up for weather alerts. You can also contact Innovation Center Shuttle Dispatch directly at 571-258-3464 for more.


Innovation Center Shuttle Schedule & Map    Loudoun County Bus Schedule 


The Innovation Center Metro Station (located on the Silver Line) is the closest Metrorail station to VSTC. 

Innovation Center Stop:

  • North Bus Bay G

Virginia Science & Technology Campus Shuttle Stops:

  • Enterprise Hall (44983 Knoll Square)
  • Research Place (45155 Research Place)
  • University Place/GW Boulevard
  • Innovation Hall and (45085 University Drive), and 
  • Exploration Hall (20101 Academic Way).

For more information about the Innovation Center Metro Shuttle visit the website for Loudoun County.