GW Safe Ride

Student Safe Ride Service

Regular Service (Will Resume August 16th 2021)

GW SafeRide, formerly known as 4Ride, provides a free and safe ride to/from Foggy Bottom Campus residence halls and academic buildings during late night hours for students, faculty and staff who prefer to not walk alone. This safe ride service operates seven days a week (Sunday - Saturday) from 8pm until 4am. GW SafeRide operates during the academic year except on designated university holidays. Students seeking transport for "convenience" or who would like to travel outside of the GW campus service area should use local transport services such as taxicabs, Uber, or Lyft.

COVID Considerations

During this time of COVID we wanted to update you about our safety services. You can now request a GW SafeRide for yourself and a friend (or continue to ride solo). Vehicle high-touch points are cleaned throughout the night and we perform a deeper cleaning once the vehicle is out of service. Face masks are required for the duration of the ride for riders and drivers. Additionally, the service boundaries have been temporarily expanded to make it easier to get around campus or find area dining venues.

How to order a GW Safe Ride:

Students can use the “GW Rider” app to request a GW Safe Ride. Similar to ride-sharing apps, GW Rider allows students to see their driver’s license plate, driver’s ETA, and estimated time of drop off. The GW SafeRide vehicles are also identifiable by GW-branded wrap.

You can reserve a ride in three ways:

  1. Download the “GW Rider” app in the Apple or Google Play stores. Log into the app using GW’s Single Sign On (SSO) and request a ride.

  2. Log into the website using GW’s SSO and request a ride.

  3. Call (202) 994-RIDE (7433) between 8pm-4am.

During other hours, the GW Guardian app offers an additional layer of security. Free to the GW Community, this personal safety app enables users on and off campus to, among other features, set a Safety Timer and assign a virtual Guardian to monitor your safety late at night or while traveling.

GW Safe Ride Service Area on Foggy Bottom Campus

East/West: 19th Street to 25th Street

North/South:  L Street to E Street/Virginia Ave. 

And these GW Buildings:  The Corcoran, The Aston & 1776 G Street 


  • You are required to show GWorld identification to the driver.
  • Be respectful to the drivers, other passengers and the vehicle at all times.
  • Do not leave any garbage and ensure you have all possessions before exiting (especially keys and cell phone).
  • Food and drink must be in a sealed container and/or bagged throughout the ride.
  • Students who make a substantial mess (including vomit) will be charged a $200 cleaning cost and be reported to the Office of Students Rights & Responsibilities.

GW Rider

gw rider

 Download here Android/Apple