Micro Mobility in GW

bikes parked at a Capital Bikeshare dock

Bike facilities at GW’s Foggy Bottom Campus currently include nearly 700 bike parking spaces, consisting of street-level parking spaces and spaces within academic and residential buildings. Additional bicycle facilities are proposed at the university’s pending development sites. The May 2010 GW Climate Action Plan specifically recognizes the value of amenities for bike commuters. It proposes increasing these amenities through the provision of bike racks in university garages and a reduced rate for shower-only Health and Wellness membership for faculty and staff.

Capital Bikeshare Locations on Foggy Bottom Campus

  • 20th & E Streets (across from Starbucks in 1959 E St)
  • 21st & Eye Streets (next to TGIFridays)
  • 22nd & G Streets (next to Duques/Funger Hall)
  • 22nd & Eye Streets (next to WholeFoods)
  • New Hampshire Avenue and 24th Street (next to Milken School of Public Health)

Additional CB Locations near Campus

  • 19th & E Streets

  • 19th & G Streets (next to World Bank)
  • 20th Street & Virginia Avenue
  • 21st & Eye Streets (just north of Pennsylvania Ave)
  • 23rd & E Streets (next to Pan American Health Org)

Capital Bikeshare Partnership

GW is proud to partner with Capital Bikeshare to provide all currently enrolled students a $25 annual membership.

To enroll in this program, follow these steps:

  1. Go to capitalbikeshare.com
  2. At the top-right corner, click “Join”
  3. Select, “I’m eligible for a Group Discount”
  4. Choose “GW Students” as the group
  5. Enter “CaBi4GW” as the program code
  6. To validate your eligibility, use your GW email address. It is important to input "@gwmail.gwu.edu" (e.g., [email protected])
  7. Finish registering

Once finalized, GW will verify enrollees are active GW students.

To locate docking stations on and around campus, check out the Capital Bikeshare System Map.

Please remember Capital Bikeshare Single Trips are for 30 minutes and all bikes must be returned to a Capital Bikeshare docking station.

To avoid additional fees, single trips should be under 30 minutes and you should wait for the green light on the dock to confirm it is locked.

You can click to knowHow Capital Bikeshare works?

Please contact Capital Bikeshare with any trip questions.

Changing & Shower Facilities

The Lerner Health and Wellness Center on 23rd Street offers faculty and staff a $39/month membership for the usage of the changing and shower facilities.

Bicycle Registration

We highly recommend you to register your bikes with the National Bike Registry.

Foggy Bottom Residence Hall Racks

  • Amsterdam Hall
  • District House
  • Dakota Hall
  • Madison Hall
  • Mitchell Hall
  • Francis Scott Key Hall
  • Fulbright Hall
  • Lafayette Hall
  • Shenkman Hall
  • South Hall
  • Strong Hall
  • Thurston Hall

Mount Vernon Bike Racks

  • Lloyd Gym
  • Merriweather Hall
  • Somers Hall