Logistics FAQs

Moving & Relocation

How do I get an estimate for a move?

Submit a FixIt ticket and the relocation manager will contact you about setting up a walk through for an estimate.

Do I have to label everything that is moving or can I just put everything together? 

All items moving, must be labeled. 

Do I have to empty my desk if it’s just moving down the hall?

If the desk is moving out of the room, all drawers and top of the desk have to be empty.

Waste Management

How often is trash pickup?

The trash across the campus is picked up everyday.

How can I coordinate to have bulk trash picked up?

Submit a FixIt ticket

If I have questions about waste management at GW, who can I contact?

If you have any questions about Waste Management, please contact Office Of Sustainability

Where can I donate clothes and other small items?

There are donation bins located on the inside of District House, Mitchell, Shenkman, South Hall (Lower Level), and the front entrance of Amsterdam. Clothing and accessories can be placed in the bin. Other small items can be placed on the floor near the bin.