Relocation and Minor Moves

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Our Relocation team can handle a wide variety of requests, from moving a single employee from one location to another to moving the entire department from one location to another including residence hall furniture and classroom furniture.

Relocation Services handles moving requests for all three campuses and commercial property. 

To request a move or moving supplies please submit a FixIt ticket to work center 76. All move requests are chargeable and will need to be submitted by a power user.

Please note that a move can not be scheduled if a FixIt ticket has not been submitted. 


FixIt Ticket Request


The bigger the move the more advanced notice is needed. Please submit your move request at least 45 days prior to when you would like the move to take place. Large moves are considered moving over 30 pieces. Each item that needs to be moved is considered a piece. It’s best to submit your move request as soon as possible even if you are not sure about the move date. 

For small moves, please submit a FixIt ticket no later than 14 days prior to your move requests. Small moves are moves that have under 30 pieces. 

For cubicle reconfiguration, please submit a FixIt ticket and we will schedule a site visit.

Important Information to include your move request:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Detailed Description of the move
  • Room Number
  • Point of Contact Email & Phone Number

Having this specific information will allow us to assign the right team for your move.

There is always a lot of moving to go on throughout the campuses and the moving calendar fills up fast. Please be aware that during move-in/out that this is our priority and any requests during this time may be delayed. 

PLEASE NOTE: The more advanced notice we receive your request, the better chance we will be able to accommodate your request dates. 

When planning your move, here are some important things to think about: 

  • If your copier is leased you will need to contact the company and let them know you will be moving. Failing to do this could void the warranty. 
  • All desk drawers need to be empty as well as the top of the desk before the movers can move it.
  • If your space requires the removal of electronics disconnection and reconnection, please contact [email protected] for further assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting your IT devices.
  • Don’t forget to let the mailroom know your moving locations.  
  • Water disconnection on refrigerators and/or water stations and plant transport, just a few.  
  • If you need trash and recycling toters for bulk trash pickup/removal submit a FixIt ticket to work center 45.

Please refer to our move packet (PDF) for more information.

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